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We have dedicated personnel who are able to assist with carbon reduction of our clients. We will only work with suppliers who share the same principles and can provide product credentials through the Blue Angel or White Swan global certifications (or equivalent) as a minimum.

In August 2020, RDS took the opportunity to review all aspects of our accreditations, including our goals to reduce internal carbon footprint and more importantly assist our customers in the same.

RDS as a Sustainable Business

RDS is an ISO14001 UCAS (Lloyds Register) accredited organisation and we pride ourselves on the development of services to reduce both our own and our clients’ carbon footprint.

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Print Releaf

PrintReleaf is the world’s first platform that automatically converts your paper footprint into actual trees. As you print, you actively replant trees in forests that need it most around the world.

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printing process

Papercut Grows

The PaperCut Grows solution will enable NTL to plant more trees than your printing uses, transforming business printing from an environmental footprint into a trigger for ecological renewal.

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The Eco Office

Discover how our office is functioning sustainable and how your business can make appropriate changes to improve your sustainability in the work place.

RDS office sustainability

RDS Sustainability Impact

The reduction of printing and paper usage has been gradually taking place throughout the business world for many years now. While there are many businesses that have almost come to the point of being completely paperless, printing remains important for other companies and industries.

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we sustainable

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