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Job Ticketing for Remote Workers

Remote workers need the ability to work productively as possible, Job Ticketing ensures any issues that arise are dealt with efficiently through the help desk software.

Print Room Job Ticketing - How does it work?

With an electronic job ticketing system, you have the flexibility to submit print jobs from anywhere. Job ticketing allows your organisation to track and even control printing services from any device – this digital solution makes it easy for a user to submit their print job online ensuring all the correct information is received during the ordering process through pre-configured products and options. The software can be installed onto a number of machines throughout your organisation meaning that employees have the flexibility to submit work from any location.

Job ticketing software benefits:

  1. 1Increase control within the print room - With this software, your print room becomes far more controlled and organised and therefore, easier to operate. It’s so simple to manage, prioritise and move jobs between print queues, not only that but processes and workflows can also be automated to match your operational requirements for even more efficient print room management.
  2. 2Improve efficiency and customer service levels - Effectively adapting your print management solutions through job ticketing software can ultimately enhance and improve operational efficiencies and in turn, increase customer service levels.
  3. 3Job preview - Users are also able to preview their jobs before printing, ensuring they are happy with the previewed outcome before it is then printed and distributed. This reduces the susceptibility for print error and waste.
  4. 4Simple to use - With this system, most documents are customised so that the most commonly used settings are pre-defined to minimise the number of mouse clicks to make a print request. The system is extremely intuitive and easy for your users to navigate no matter where they are working.