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Desk & Workplace Management Solutions

The way businesses operate in an office environment is continuously changing, more so now than ever before. Many organisations have been forced to introduce a hybrid workspace, with that, comes  significant operational changes. Keeping your employees safe and following necessary guidelines is key – our desk and workplace management solutions ensure just that.

What is workplace management?

Our desk and workplace management system allow organisations to manage their workspace from one single platform, making it simple for employees to book desks, find colleagues and be kept informed of changes in the workplace.

Reserve desk spaces

Manage the closure of desks to ensure social distancing is maintained where needed.

Allow employees to book desks

This system allows employees to book desks wherever and whenever they need them, but only for a limited number of days each month.

Clear communication

This software will ensure that employees have a desk booked before they come into the office, with key alert features and reminders for employees.

Clean workspace

You can automatically degenerate work orders for your cleaning vendors after a desk is used and not allowing it to be reused until it’s been deep cleaned.

Contact tracing

Provide instant contact tracing by recording who’s been sitting where and in what proximity to other employees.

What are the benefits of introducing desk and workplace management solutions?

  1. 1Protect employees - By allowing your employees to book their desk space in advance, it not only allows them to maintain social distancing measures but with real-time floor plans you are able to locate available and clean desks when needed.
  2. 2Manage office capacity - Your organisation may have recently made workplace changes and therefore needs to limit the number of days employees can work at the office, with our desk and workplace management software you can do just that. The intuitive desk booking app helps employees reserve desk, and ensures peace of mind knowing you’r employees will be safe in their working environment.
  3. 3Contact tracing - Contact tracing is becoming the new normal, through our workplace management solution you can record workspace usage to enable contact reporting where needed.
  4. 4Easy to adopt - This software is quick and easy to implement within your organisations operational structure, no hardware is required and the software itself is intuitive and simple to use.

Transitioning to the new normal

Most organisations are adapting the way they work and their operational processes require significant changes. The key challenge facing companies around the world is balancing the amount of real estate needed against employee demand.

Life before Lockdown

  • Most employees worked in the office, with working from home an occasional change to the normal.
  • Desk hoteling was mainly via free-addressing with workspaces designed for either permanently assigned desks or for mobile workers who turned up and found somewhere to sit.
  • 1.2 employees per desk was the accepted ratio for non-assigned workspaces.
  • 10m2 per workspace with higher density for free addressing benches and team tables.

Transitioning phase

  • 60% remain working from home due safe commuting challenges and reduced desk availability.
  • Whole day desk reservations required to manage meet sanitisation rules.
  • 3 employees per usable desk the new ratio due to increased space per desk, with no free addressing due to required sanitization post-usage.
  • 20m2 per workspace required to meet mandated social distancing.
  • Sanitisation of workspace carried out at night before employee changeover.

The new normal

  • Flexible working with employees choosing where to work the new accepted standard.
  • 15m2 per workspace the norm with reduced use of open benching and team tables.
  • Collaboration and client meetings become the main reason for coming to the office.
  • Significant reduction in real estate to provide cost reduction and meet reduced employee demand.
  • Workspace reservation required when visiting the office