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Digital Mailroom

Managing incoming mail for your organisation without digital software can be time-consuming and prone to human error. With most businesses now also opting for remote or hybrid working, it’s crucial to manage your mail in the most efficient way possible – the solution, a digital mailroom.

What is a digital mailroom?

Simply put, a digital mailroom automatically converts and sorts all of the inbound mail for your business before it is then organised and distributed to the correct person or department.

Through intelligent document creation and processing techniques, our digital mailroom solution can automatically extract and validate the information from incoming business mail (paper and electronic formats and channels) and convert it to structured electronic information that feeds business processes and systems across the enterprise emailing post directly to the users. This digital solution also greatly reduces the risk of human error as it eliminates the need for manual input while also ensuring your mail is secure and safe.

How does a digital mailroom work?

1. Receive

Firstly, the post is received and prepared to enter the Digital Mailroom System.

2. Capture

The post is then opened and scanned to extract the data and then once that’s complete it is converted into a digital document format.

3. Securely Stored

All post is stored in a safe and secure digital environment which is accessible at any point. This means the paper documents can either be securely destroyed or archived accordingly.

4. Digital Distribution

The mail is then efficiently and digitally distributed across your business to the correct department, team or person. The journey your document then takes can also be tracked in real-time so you are able to monitor the delivery of your mail.

5. Outbound Responses

Through this digital mailroom software, your organisation is able to set up auto-responses to customers to confirm you have received their mail.

What are the benefits of a digital mailroom?

  1. 1Increased operational efficiencies - Manually handling paper-based communications can be extremely time-consuming and bloat workplace operations, a digital mailroom system can eliminate the unnecessary time spent going through each letter, package, notice or document, this time could be spent on more constructive things for your organisation.
  2. 2Improved customer satisfaction - As the digital mailroom distributes data efficiently, this ensures a faster response time to inbound enquiries, which in turn, has the ability to improve customer satisfaction.
  3. 3Mail accessible from anywhere - With a digital mailroom, your business can access digital documents from any location securely, with a full audit trail.
  4. 4Data security - Once the physical copies are converted into digital documents this ensures that they cannot be lost or even stolen. With our digital mailroom solutions, all post is stored in a secure environment while still remaining easily accessible.

Hybrid Mail – What is it?

Our Hybrid Mail solution is designed to print and post your business’ everyday letters and documents. Through clever automation processes, a hybrid mail approach allows your organisation to transfer outbound mail documents digitally to a third-party printing specialist for production and distribution.

How does Hybrid Mail work?

The hybrid mail solution allows your people to print as they do today but replace local physical printers and pre-printed stationery with a web-based printer driver and back end automated workflow solution – all while being secure and GDPR compliant.

The solution provides an interactive preview and web form allowing the user to select and preview digital stationery, envelope types (including the envelope window) and simplex and duplex selections.

Would my business benefit from a Hybrid Mail approach?

Since the rise in hybrid working, many organisations have employees working between home and the office which means that stationery, mailing equipment and printers aren’t always easily accessible. A growing and now more permanent ‘working from home’ culture and a team that isn’t always in the office, means Hybrid Mail can take on those manual tasks. Our Hybrid Mail solution is designed to manage the aggregation of unstructured, ad-hoc documents that would typically be produced by multiple users across an organisation on pre-printed stationery and local departmental print devices.