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Vulnerability Management

Continuous vulnerability management is a crucial part of cyber or network security. It is an ongoing process that includes: identifying, evaluating, treating and reporting software and network vulnerabilities.

Is vulnerability management important?

The risk of software and network breaches are ever-growing and organisations are constantly at risk of being exploited by hackers. Their intentions are usually to obtain extremely sensitive data which will compromise a system’s infrastructure. With the added consideration that most organisations have moved to a hybrid working approach, it has never been more important to protect your organisation from a potential cyber attack.

Vulnerability management best practices

  1. 1Identify vulnerabilities - By identifying potential vulnerabilities within your infrastructure, you are already more aware of any risks and able to ensure the correct solutions are set in place to counteract any issues. At this stage it’s important to create a full map of your system network and outline where the vulnerabilities are, how the asset could be accessed and what systems are already in place to protect those assets. This will then guide the analysis of vulnerabilities and stop the potential damages.
  2. 2Evaluate the severity - After identifying vulnerabilities that may occur, it’s important to begin evaluating the severity of the threats. The purpose of this is to help prioritise the security efforts and reduce your risks faster.
  3. 3Remediating vulnerabilities - The next step to consider would be the remediation of the vulnerabilities. Penetration testing can help you understand the effectiveness of your fix. Other methods like patching, blocking or fixing vulnerabilities should also be considered at this stage.
  4. 4Monitor - Monitoring and reporting on vulnerabilities after remediation can help you improve your security and responses in the future. Having records of vulnerabilities can also be useful when investigating future events.

How to build an effective vulnerability management plan

A vulnerability management plan or programme should be acquired by the majority of organisations. At Right Digital Solutions, we can assist with the development of this. Our team is always on hand to provide tailored advice to ensure the right digital solution is created for your business.