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Hosted Telephony

Having a telephone system that allows your teams to stay connected from any location is crucial. A hosted telephony system allows you to make calls through the internet via a VoIP system (also known as a Voice over Internet Protocol). These cloud-based telephony systems allow your employees to maintain effective communication no matter where they are.

What is a Hosted VoIP?

A hosted VoIP lets you make and take calls using an internet connection by utilising the router to communicate actions with your associated IP network. When you receive an incoming call the phone system will connect to the IP network which will then remain the host for the call. In order for the hosted telephony to work well, it will require a private connection and an appropriate bandwidth (the speed in which the data can be sent across a network). Apart from the physical handset, an internet connection is all that is required.

The Benefits of Hosted VoIP:

  1. 1Unified communications - Whether in the office or remote, the unified communications platform seamlessly integrates all your communication tools, including desktop phones, mobile phones, and also computers and ensures you can manage them from one digital solution that works for your business.
  2. 2Flexibility - Your organisation’s phones can be moved across the office space with limited disruption. As well as this you can even travel with your phone number meaning that there’s no need for limited and complicated call forwarding if your team is remote working.
  3. 3Cost-saving solution - A VoIP phone system will (almost all of the time) work out cheaper than a more traditional system, such as an ISDN, without compromising on the quality of your calls. It’s important to note that VoIP phone systems work at their optimum with a superfast broadband connection.
  4. 4Future proof - A traditional on-site phone system can quickly become outdated, with a Hosted VoIP the latest features are readily available as soon as they are released meaning that there’s no need to keep upgrading your phone systems.