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Visitor Management Systems

First impressions matter, especially when you are meeting potential business customers for the first time. Yet in today’s new world of work, it’s not always possible — or affordable — to fully staff your customer-facing workspaces. Instead, give your customers the option of self-service interactions in your busy reception areas, on your sales floor or at trade shows.

How do Visitor Management Systems work?

Upon arrival at your business or venue, visitors are presented with an intuitive screen allowing them to sign in through a simple step by step process – this significantly speeds up the transitional signing in approach. Visitors can even self-service their way through to printing an ID badge that can be worn around your site.

The visitor’s information is then stored in an easy to manage system so that your organisation can accurately record everyone entering or leaving the premises as well as track who is on your site in real-time. Not only does a digital visitor management system free up more time for front desk staff but more importantly it helps create a safer, more secure, more compliant, and more efficient working environment.

The benefits of a Visitor Management System:

  1. 1Improved security - Arguably one of the most important benefits of a Visitor Management System is that this solution improves security and enhances safety throughout your organisation. Through this system, you are able to quickly access a full list of all staff and visitors who are on site - which is extremely beneficial especially in an emergency. While also being aware of exactly who is on the premises at any time.
  2. 2Professional first impressions - It doesn’t matter how big your organisation is, first impressions count! Managing your visitors in a professional and efficient manner is extremely important when it comes to providing a positive experience. A Visitor Management System significantly speeds up the overall process whilst still remaining intuitive and easy to use.
  3. 3Reduced overheads - By implementing a Visitor Management System within your organisation you have the ability to eliminate the costs associated with traditional visitor management - some of these include, the purchase of new paper, visitor books and badges, which all add up over time. By utilising this system there’s the opportunity to increase overall productivity across the work environment ensuring the business is reducing running costs.
  4. 4Easy to manage - As part of a fully integrated suite of Visitor Management software, the platform includes a mobile app, which is not only easy to use but also ensures that the people who power your organisation are safe, no matter where they are.
  5. 5Legal and GDPR compliance - Our Visitor Management System will provide the opportunity to add a mandatory opt-in checkbox, which visitors can tick before submitting their personal data ensuring the process is GDPR compliant.