RDS as a Sustainable Business

RDS is an ISO14001 UCAS (Lloyds Register) accredited organisation and we pride ourselves on the development of services to reduce both our own and our clients’ carbon footprint.

We have dedicated personnel who are able to assist with carbon reduction of our clients. We will only work with suppliers who share the same principles and can provide product credentials through the Blue Angel or White Swan global certifications (or equivalent) as a minimum.

In August 2020, RDS took the opportunity to review all aspects of our accreditations, including our goals to reduce internal carbon footprint and more importantly assist our customers in the same.

Our impact on CO2 consumption can
be measured across three areas:



Our services
to customers

Through working with Lloyds and other external parties, our ability to positively impact on reducing Carbon Footprint lies within our work with customers. At the base using our AssetDB asset tracking and analysis solution, we can also provide current environmental analysis to our customers in addition to recommendations
on how that could be improved as part of a future state design and comparison.

Additionally, as part of our implementation, initial and ongoing training, and management process, we endeavour to deliver a solution that is operated in as energy-efficient a manner as possible. This typically involves bespoke software configuration to ensure output is sent in the most appropriate format (i.e., mono, double-sided) and to the most appropriate device.

As part of user training, we also educate on the most efficient ways to use devices which can include everything from appropriately configuring individual photocopy jobs, to not changing toner too early as this causes unnecessary waste.

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