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West Midlands Net Zero
Business Pledge

Along with other organisations across the West Midlands, we have made our pledge and are demonstrating our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and reaching net zero.

The overall objective of the West Midlands Net Zero pledge is to make the West Midlands a net zero carbon economy by 2041.

As an ambassador, we are responsible for considering what we can do and the changes we can make to ensure our organisation is more sustainable. We also work with our suppliers and clients to make sure they are working towards the same goals.

Achieving Net Zero

Recently, we have installed free charging stations at our offices for the use of employees and visitors. With nearly 50% of our company vehicles already being electric, we are committed to replacing the entire fleet with electric vehicles over the next 12 months.

From Birmingham where we have invested in solar panels and down to London where we have moved into a new energy-efficient building, each step we take is one closer to achieving our Net Zero goal.

As a business with a focus on Print Management, we have had recycling bins (for items like empty toner/ ink cartridges) installed at all of our offices for many years, we also extend this service to our clients, encouraging them to take action too.

How we can help

Our sustainable solutions can make a huge difference in your carbon reduction. If you would like to find out how we can support your business in becoming more sustainable, contact us today.