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PCI Compliant Call Recording

There are many organisations which, for one reason or another, collect credit card numbers over the phone. These phone calls are often kept as protection against liability or even to train and evaluate call centre staff. In order to remain PCI compliant the CV2 security number on the back of most credit cards must not be included in any audio or transcribed conversations.

How PCI redaction works:

Minimise potential data breaches through PCI compliant call recordings whereby not only the call is altered but the transcribe replaces the financial data with hashes.

  1. 1Audio Redaction - Audio redaction software automatically removes sensitive information that could put your organisation at risk of a data breach. It replaces the information with various tones, beeps or just removes it altogether and skips to the next section - making it PCI compliant.
  2. 2Transcription Hashing - When a call is being transcribed it is important that all financial information or any sensitive customer information is removed. Transcription hashing removes this information and replaces it with hash marks - this signifies that PCI data has been removed.
  3. 3Screen Capture Redaction - Screen capture redaction software detects the financial information and removes it from the document, it will replace any sensitive information with black rectangles to ensure the document or screen capture is not at risk of a data breach.