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Software for Flexible working

Over time, organisations are seeing the benefit of offering flexible working opportunities to their employees. Through evolving technology and software, flexible working is becoming easier to adapt to – Information sharing becomes seamless as technology allows colleagues to easily collaborate in real-time and securely share documents via a wide range of devices and digital tools – wherever they are.

What is flexible working?

A flexible workplace means that employees are no longer required to work at a desk within the organisation’s office space. A flexible or hybrid working solution is being implemented now more than ever before. Since the pandemic, the majority of companies have adopted some form of hybrid working, meaning that employees will spend a mix of time either working from home or having some days in the office.

Flexible working also means that some companies are even allowing employees to work from anywhere in the world.

How to successfully adopt a flexible working environment

In order to successfully adopt a flexible working environment for your employees, the right digital tools are required for ultimate support. Not providing the right collaboration tools could be detrimental to your organisation. Digital transformation can enable your workforce to be productive and connected at the office, at home and on the go.

  1. 1Digital Tools - Employees need to be able to access documents and information, collaborate with colleagues, and collectively work on projects to feel part of the company and maintain productivity.
  2. 2Communication - Traditional forms of communication can limit a flexible working environment. It’s important to use a cloud telephony platform in order to connect your employees no matter where they are.
  3. 3Workflow Automation - Right Digital Solutions can help you to improve productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness by transitioning from a physical to digital document infrastructure; utilising workflows to automate processes. By helping your company to embrace the cloud, enhance your mobile capabilities, and by using technology to change culture, we can help you to improve collaboration and even enhance employee experience.