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Mobile Telephony

For businesses today, working smarter and faster is crucial. Here at Right Digital Solutions, we can provide the right network, tariff, plan or solution with devices in order for your business to achieve that goal.

The importance of business mobile solutions:

As remote working continues to grow, being able to access emails, messages and updates on the go is key – company mobile phones are therefore one of the most important investments a business can make. Your mobiles will only deliver the best business return if you make the right choices in terms of technology, functionality, coverage, and cost. Our dedicated team can advise on a number of factors, from the number of handsets to the best network and tariff (something we can negotiate in your favour given the high volume of business we give the networks).

What are the benefits of Mobile Telephony solutions?

1. Flexibility

We offer flexible term agreements. Not only that but with our SIM contract you can add to, reduce, or cancel your devices at any time.

2. Less cost

With our mobile telephony solutions you only pay for what you need and you can increase or decrease what you need when you need to.

3. Device security

We can ensure that the security of your devices are protected by much more than just a pin code. As well as this, the solution has the ability to control your teams access to social media and certain websites which can ultimately reduce the risk of being hacked.

4. Handset replacement

If any device is lost or stolen, we will send a fully restored and backed up model to anywhere in the UK in less than 48 hours.

5. Environmentally friendly

We will help you realise the value of your old handsets by utilising Apple and other manufacturers’ environmentally friendly buy-back options on your behalf.

Mobile Voice Recording (MVR)

We are also a provider of Mobile Voice Recording (MVR) – a secure way to record calls to and from your mobile without the need of additional services. Mobile Voice Recording records data securely on the device, not in the carrier network, and is also invisible and tamper-proof to the end-user. Enable your customers to meet MiFID II regulations with phone calls and texts being recorded and stored for five years in a UK secure data centre on the only ‘OS’ based mobile recording solution.