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Content Management & Workflow Solutions

Improving employee productivity is key, so by creating digital documents important information can be extracted and integrated in your existing process through our workflow solutions.

Document content management systems allow you to:

  • Capture and organise information
  • Process documents and manage workflows
  • Access and view content for decision making
  • Stores your information securely and allows strict access rules based on roles and correct access privileges
  • Creates an audit log of all actions to meet and support compliance requirements/regulations
  • Set disposition/retention rules so that content is not stored more than is legally allowed

Would my business benefit from document management software?

No matter the size of your organisation improving employee productivity is key. By using document management software your employees are able to gain secure access to digital documents. Multiple users can access and edit the same document in real-time – streamlining workflow and improving business productivity. Documents are either on-premise or in the cloud, and are readily available, where and when needed; with just one search needed to quickly locate related documents.

The benefits of incorporating workflow and business process management in a document management system:

  1. 1Accountability - Each team member has visibility of tasks in a workflow and is accountable for fulfilling their duties in order to meet deadlines and stay on track. Notifications are provided to ensure employees are consistently working to achieve their workflow goals.
  2. 2Increased productivity - Through content management and workflow solutions the need to manually track down documents one by one is eliminated and therefore frees up valuable time within your business for other important tasks.
  3. 3Improved connectivity - Employees are now connected through their work and shared documents, data on how work is carried out is inputted into the workflow management system, and your organisation can then use that data to improve workflows, prevent errors and build stronger connections between employees and software.