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Top 3 IT Challenges for Organisations

IT, or information technology, is an essential component for organisations in today’s digital age. With the increasing use of technology in all areas of business, teams must be proficient in utilising various software programs and tools to create innovative and efficient designs.

Moreover, IT enables professionals to collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders, access vast amounts of information and resources, and streamline project management processes.

However, the adoption of novel technology can bring about an uneven playing field, whereby competitors who successfully adopt the latest technology are particularly advantaged

1.  Attracting & Retaining the Best Talent.

First impressions matter. Bringing new employees aboard is the first impression that you make as a company.

In fact, companies with a great employee experience outperform the average S&P Index business by 122%, as per Glassdoor Economic Research.

In a modern firm, there are numerous tools and devices that need to be configured and installed correctly, accounts need to be created, licenses need to be purchased etc. This process is time-consuming to complete and quite detrimental to complete improperly.

Considering that employees spend most of their time utilising the IT equipment that is provided to them, it is important that every device performs at its best. IT hardware that is well managed, maintained and regularly refreshed ensures that employees are happy and perform at their best.

In summary, it is important to improve employee experience, from beginning till end, to attract and retain high-calibre staff and improve their productivity.

Device-as-a-Service ensures that the entire IT estate is managed to a tee, streamlining employee onboarding, improving employee satisfaction and supporting expansion goals.

2.  Staying Ahead of the Competition

The upfront IT hardware costs for companies are immense and it can be difficult to budget the right tools for the job.

Considering that the typical lifespan of IT hardware is 3 years, regular refreshes and proper maintenance are essential to keep up with the competition, especially when your competition is doing exactly that.

After it’s end of life, a device’s performance declines and software becomes incompatible, ultimately hindering design quality, employee experience and customer satisfaction.

To counter this, organisations often utilise Device-as-a-Service to always have access to the best technology, for less.

3.  Managing Multiple Software

Major and minor patches are regularly offered to customers. With this in mind, some updates cause bugs and instigate security issues. Worse still, the software becomes more demanding and unsupportive of older models that are past their End-of-Life . This can severely disrupt employee productivity, as systems become unusable.

Moreover, when patches are installed, some software may become incompatible with each other, leading to data loss and a disjointed employee experience.

An established managed IT service provider will ensure that you are always running up-to-date software and that all security patches are installed without any manual intervention, increasing employee experience and productivity.


By successfully leveraging IT, professionals can enhance their productivity, boost employee experience, improve project outcomes, and stay competitive in a constantly evolving industry. Therefore, it is crucial for organisations to embrace and leverage the power of IT to remain relevant and successful in their field.

Based on our research, we have designed and implemented a cost-saving and efficiency-driving solution called Device-as-a-Service. Our service resolves the Top 3 Challenges and comes with a host of other benefits, including:

  • Massively reduced capital requirements
  • End-to-end IT estate management
  • Improved financial & operational decision-making
  • Advanced cybersecurity
  • Remote helpdesk support

You can find out more about DaaS here, or give us a call on 020 7466 4700 to speak to our in-house specialists.


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