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Boston Borough Council

Comprehensive managed print solution provided giving full control and reporting for the business resulting in 70% savings

The Summary

Boston Borough Council was formed in 1974 with 30 councillors covering the town of Boston and eight rural wards. One of the nine borough councils that make up the county of Lincolnshire, Boston is home to over 65,000 constituents.

Boston Borough Council noticed a build-up of devices during the term of their previous Managed Print Service contract. With the renewal coming up they decided to go to tender in an attempt to reduce costs and improve their Managed Print Service. Under the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Framework Agreement RM3781 Lot 2, Boston issued a tender for the lease and support of Multifunctional Devices (MFDs).

Boston Borough Council anticipated that the tender would be awarded to the provider that would be able to deliver a hardware and software solution that would show significant savings. In addition, they should have a proven track record delivering a quality fully Managed Print Service.

The Solution

As a CCS RM3781 supplier, Right Digital Solutions submitted a tender response for the council’s requirements. We recommended a solution that would effectively rationalise their print fleet by 42%, replacing existing machines with newer and more efficient Multifunctional Devices. Right Digital Solutions recommended a best of breed solution consisting of Kyocera Multifunctional Devices, a Ricoh wide format colour device and ‘Follow-me’ software from PaperCut. The entire solution would be managed by Right Digital Solution’s MPS Proactive Management Service.

The recommended hardware reflected the considerations by many local authorities to maximise the environmental benefits within a proposal; Kyocera was suggested with a portfolio of reliable and eco-friendly network Multi-function devices. The Ricoh wide format device met the councils requirements and PaperCut’s Follow-me print solution was instrumental in the reduction of unnecessary and wasted print output.

After a thorough review, Right Digital Solutions was awarded the contract by Boston Borough Council, having demonstrated expected savings of upwards of 60% compared to existing solutions as well as having the experience to deliver a fully Manage Print Solution. Post award, Right Digital Solutions conducted consultancy around current print usage to make the most of the new PaperCut solution.

The solution’s install went smoothly; we ensured we coordinated with the council to ensure the machines were up and running shortly before their old equipment was picked up, minimising downtime. Right Digital Solutions dispatched a specialist to deliver on site user training as soon as the machines were configured.

The new solution has reduced the number of Multifunctional Devices at the council, with the PaperCut software’s Follow-me solution driving down unnecessary printing and uncollected documents left on the devices. This has led to significant reduction in print and service costs for the council.

The Benefits

  1. 1Cost savings - The council were originally expecting to see savings of 60% however, the Head of IT is currently projecting savings of up to 77%, due to the reduction of paper and energy costs in addition to reduced lease and copy costs
  2. 2Clarity and control - Accurate information about print / copy /scan costs and usage organisation- wide plus the ability to impose user based restrictions
  3. 3Improved security - The council have taken significant steps toward GDPR compliance by reducing the risk of data breaches through pull print using PaperCut software
  4. 4Improved efficiency - Older, ineffective machines have been replaced with fewer but more efficient Multifunctional Devices
  5. 5Greener working improved efficiency Improved logistics and control - This project has significantly reduced waste by driving down paper use in the long term, helping reduce the Councils' carbon footprint
The fleet went out exactly as planned... we have exactly what we asked for. Thanks to the Right Digital Solutions team for a great start to a new relationship. IT Manager Boston Borough Council