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The right technology will deliver the right future

Thankfully that terrible phrase ‘the new normal’ had a mercifully short shelf life. As we plotted what our working lives would look like after the initial disruption of the pandemic, it quickly became apparent that the new way we were working confirmed all the things we’d talked about for years – greater agility, great operational efficiencies, greater cost-efficiencies and even that mythical beast, the paperless office – finally cold be reality.

Because of necessity, the limiting combination of habit, acceptance and fear of change was broken. We were forced to do things in a new way and could see the new way was, thanks to technology, a better way. Moreover, even with the return to the office now in full swing, technology will only continue to make sure that we continue to enjoy the work/life, cost and operational benefits.

However, the benefits of adopting technology to support a more flexible and agile way of working aren’t limited to profitability and productivity. There is also the environment and, more pressingly, the escalating energy crisis to consider.

With fuel reserves reducing, fuel prices increasing and the demand to reduce emissions and our consumption of chemicals and other raw materials rightly reaching critical levels, every business must look to how they can achieve not only a more successful future, but also a more sustainable future.

How will the right technology help you deliver the right future?

If we work through the three key objectives we think every business should have:

1. Increased efficiency
2. Increased profitability
3. Becoming more environmentally friendly

Technology is the common factor.

In terms of efficiency, we have seen office hours become a thing of the past. Many meetings are now held on video regardless of where people are, electronic alternatives to hard copy are now the norm and maintaining optimum workflow between multiple home workstations is now as easy as it is immediate. And thanks to e-signature and video conferencing, it no longer matters where clients are.

From a profitability point of view, the simple fact is less paper costs less both internally and externally.

And from the environmental perspective, making as much of your workflow electronic as you can has an enormous effect. You are using less energy, less paper, less chemicals and because delivery is online rather than in a van, you are also reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Agile working has also had a huge effect on sustainability. As less people are in the office, less office space is needed and this reduces rent and property spend, energy consumption and travel emissions. And of course, when people do need to come in, technology can organise them so people are as productive as possible when onsite.

You can be even more environmentally friendly by making additional but very simple changes like upgrading your hardware to multifunctional units, introducing energy saving settings and only using double sided printing when printing is unavoidable.

Why use a managed service provider to deliver the right technology and the right future?

If your technology is going to ensure your sustainability drive achieves the efficiency, profitability and environmental benefits it should, it needs to be designed and implemented by someone who knows what will work best for you.

There is never a ‘one size fits all’ solution; your solution needs to be matched to your objectives and tailored to your circumstances and your budget. There is no margin for error here. Going down anything other than the right path from day one will have a negative impact on your budget and operational efficiency not to mention on the environment. Experts don’t make these mistakes.

At Right Digital Solutions we help clients enhance the impact of the technology they already have by creating a bespoke solution purpose built for them, a solution that again ticks the efficiency, profitability and environmental boxes.

In terms of efficiency, you will have a personal account manager, a real person at the end of the phone. They’ll make sure you have everything you need to maximise your workflow and operational efficiency by employing the most cutting edge options and the best hardware on the market. This is something we can promise because we aren’t tied to specific manufacturers, only to finding the best option.

In terms of profitability, your account manager will also make sure you receive the highest level of discount. This is something we can promise because of our excellent relationships with the manufacturers, network providers and software companies.

And our promise to improve your profitability is an active one. We not only search for the biggest discounts, when it comes to reducing your print volumes, we work on a gainshare model. We give ourselves a financial incentive to reduce your print. The less you print, the more the more you save and our reward is a percentage of this saving.

And from an environmental perspective, we will discuss what you plan to do to improve your sustainability and factor these objectives into the final solution we present and, ultimately, manage for you.

But our job is certainly not over once your solution is in place. We will continually review your solution to make sure it continues to score as highly as possible against not only your business’ goals but also against your efficiency, profitability and environmental objectives in case we need to make more adjustments to any aspect of your service.

We can track unit and materials usage, print levels, hotspots, which days are most popular, how much space you need (or don’t need), external communication trends, where your team are working from, anything in fact that influences what your technology is doing for you.

We will present our findings every quarter so you can make more informed decisions on how you move forward based on facts not assumptions.

The first step in this process is a Digital Health Check.

Our Digital Health Check is a deep dive into your workplace communications, print, information security and any other type of workplace innovation you currently or plan to use. We then map your use of technology to your business’ goals to unlock the necessary data so we can see what’s needed to boost your efficiency, maximise your productivity and make you more sustainable.


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