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Right Digital Solutions are delighted to include Cyber Essential Plus to their portfolio of accreditations

Following Right Digital Solutions divestment from Capita PLC in August 2020, the RDS team has completed wide ranging overhaul in infrastructure.

This mammoth task involved a move into two new offices, new Azure platform, new phone system, a migration to a new CRM platform, new accountancy package and a consolidation of the distribution process. At the outset of this new chapter, the board placed high priority on maintaining best in class service, operational efficiency, strong governance, regulatory compliance, and clear targets to reduce carbon footprint

Alongside these objectives RDS wanted to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to their customers data, security, and IT systems. To evidence these efforts Right Digital Solutions have undertaken and successfully achieved several ISO accreditations, the latest of which is Cyber Essentials plus.

Our Head of Compliance, James Lawford, chose to partner with a leading ISO audit organisation, Lloyd’s Register, one of the world’s leading providers of professional services for engineering and technology. Lloyd’s Register is an internationally recognised body that operates in 75 countries around the world and they are synonymous with exceptional standards and a 250 year old brand.

Lloyds bring their experience and stringent review as part of the UKAS accreditation, further demonstrating RDS’s commitment to ensuring the very highest standards in the adopted certification.

“It was important that RDS followed a strict and rigorous accreditation process. We want to be fully transparent with our customers and we pledge to always uphold our dedication to information security, reducing our carbon footprint (CF), driving continuous improvement through our processes, and building strong governance. Lloyd’s is a UKAS registered organisation which means all our audits must pass a set of stringent guidelines set out by government which further ensures we are delivering the best for the business and our customers.” James Lawford, Head of Compliance.

Cyber Essentials plus, provides an independent review and reassurance that Right Digital Solution has measures in place and recognises the importance of protecting against cyber-attacks. In conjunction with our ISO27001 UKAS accreditation, RDS are able to demonstrate a well-managed, secure IT environment, providing peace of mind for our 1000+ customers who rely on RDS service and support.

Delivering a reliable and consistent service means promoting a culture of continuous improvement and development. RDS demonstrates this by having achieved ISO9001 quality management which provides a framework to ensure everything produced is effectively delivered and puts the satisfaction of customers and stakeholders at the very heart of what we do.

Along with Cyber Essentials plus, ISO27001 and ISO9001, RDS are proud to have also achieved ISO14001 environmental management systems accreditation. Reducing carbon emissions is of great importance not only to RDS but also to customers.

Since last summer, RDS have replaced the entire fleet of vehicles with hybrid or full EV, installing charger points for employees and customers at our operations centre. Setting tough targets for energy consumption, individual CF goals and providing for 90% of waste for recycling are just some of the strategic projects now completed and successfully helped achieve ISO14001.

RDS always look to reduce customer costs and energy consumption, placing it is at the very centre of every engagement. The unique skillset that RDS has developed over 30 years enables the transition of paper-based documents (high CF impact) into digital formats, moving data to information into actionable tasks. This unique approach in the defining the opportunity,  goal setting, ultimately driving  financial benefit to the partnership, developed in 2019, has proven to be invaluable to organisations who have adapted to the hybrid working environment, as well as those who recognise the importance of maintaining a more office centric approach.

“Our ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO9001and our Cyber Essentials plus accreditation ensures that we, as a business, are always held to accountable to the high standards we set and also provides an added assurance to our customers that they can trust us to work in their best interests.” Ian Jones, Managing Director, Right Digital Solutions.