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Everything ICT

Right Digital Solutions have been awarded approved supplier status for the Everything ICT Framework, a procurement framework for ICT, Technology and Managed Print solutions and services for the Public Sector.

Everything ICT is a Department for Education (DfE) recommended procurement framework for schools and public sector organisations. They currently represent over 6,000 schools. The body, which was established in 2011, was set up to connect public sector buyers of ICT solutions to a network of approved and compliant suppliers. As a purchasing consortium with a nationwide reach, Everything ICT can provide peace of mind to their members by guaranteeing that all the products and services that are procured are of the highest standards and integrity.

The framework’s three guiding principles are:


  • OJEU tendered and fully compliant with UK procurement regulations.
  • Value for money through supplier management and benchmarking of prices.


  • Direct award, multiple quotes or mini-tender.
  • Dynamic list of over 120 pre-approved suppliers. You choose a supplier, or EICT can recommend one.

Ease of Use

  • Free to use – Everything ICT has simplified the buying process to speed it up. Buyers  can receive quotes quickly with a simple email or phone call’
  • Excellent customer service

The innovative website, www.everythingICT.org, features a wealth of information and resources including a walled garden (a password protected platform) providing buyers a personalised and private area to connect with suppliers, get quotes, agree T&C’s and even manage your contract, billing and installation. This element of Everything ICT further enhances the customer centric approach making it as easy as possible to connect members with like-minded technology partners in a fair and accessible way.

Here at Right Digital Solutions we feel well placed to provide a full range of solutions to all participants of the Everything ICT framework. Over the past three decades we have amassed a wealth of public sector experience, particularly in the field of education. This experience along with our accreditations, including Cyber Essentials plus, ISO 9001 and ISO 26001, enables us to support buyers who are seeking a digital solutions partner.

If you are interested in understanding more about Everything ICT or looking for a compliant, easy to use and flexible procurement framework to source ICT products or solutions, please get in touch with us now.