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Enhance Visibility with Quantum Tech Check for Azure

The cloud is an unstoppable force in today’s tech landscape. However, many businesses struggle to maintain control as costs escalate or miss out on unique opportunities to maximise value. Our Tech Check tool is designed to address these challenges.

With a multi-layered structure, our unique tool allows you to select the best options tailored to your business goals. The Quantum Azure Tech Check builds on existing cloud capabilities, providing visibility and actionable insights to help reduce and manage your Azure expenses and enhance security.


The Tech Check offers a comprehensive 360-degree view of your Azure cloud expenditures, enabling effective management of all key elements.

Why Choose Quantum Tech Check for Azure?

  • Align Costs with Business Stakeholders: Ensure your cloud spending aligns with your business objectives.
  • Manage Cloud Costs Efficiently: Oversee costs for testing, development, and production environments.
  • Identify Cost Savings: Visualise and pinpoint areas where you can save money.
  • Modernise Your Cloud Estate: Obtain the information needed to update and enhance your cloud infrastructure.
  • In-Depth Cost Management: Benefit from thorough budgeting and forecasting.
  • Optimise Hybrid Benefits and Reserved Instances: Manage these aspects effectively to maximise savings.
  • Gain Insights on Unexpected Costs: Understand and address any unexpected increases in expenses.

Book Your Tech Check Today and Gain:

  • Comprehensive Visibility: Understand your current commitment and consumption levels.
  • Commit Balance Tracking: Monitor used and remaining commit balances.
  • Savings Opportunities: Identify potential areas for cost reduction.
  • ROI Insights: Evaluate the return on investment for Hybrid Benefits and Reserved Instances.
  • Optimise Pay-As-You-Go Spend: Discover where you can optimise expenses.
  • Procure and Apply Reserved Capacity: Learn where to purchase and use Reserved Capacity.
  • Licence Application: Find out where Windows and SQL licences can be applied effectively.
  • Accessing Supplier Budgets: RDS can financially incentivise your migration to Azure.

Take advantage of this opportunity by speaking with our consultants. This initiative not only lowers the barrier to entry but also makes it a financially viable option for organisations aiming to stay ahead of the curve.

Book Your Azure Quantum Tech Check Today