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Driving Towards Net Zero: Our Commitment to West Midlands Net Zero Business Pledge

At Right Digital Solutions, we are proud to support and be an ambassador of the West Midlands Net Zero pledge

This initiative was launched to support businesses’ dedication to achieving Net Zero emissions, something which we not only utilise as a business, but also have the opportunity to share with our clients in providing sustainable business solutions.

How we are achieving Net Zero

We are committed to leading by example, operating in a way that not only benefits our employees and clients, but also the future of our environment.

From free charging stations for employees and visitors, to investing in solar panels at our Birmingham office and transitioning to a new energy-efficient building in London, every step we take is a step closer to our Net Zero goal.

With nearly 50% of our company vehicles already being electric, we are committed to replacing the entire fleet with electric vehicles.

As a leading suitability-focused business, we have had recycling bins installed at all of our offices for many years, we also extend this service to our clients, encouraging them to take action too.

Sustainable Solutions for Your Business

Our sustainable solutions can make a huge difference in your carbon reduction.

If you would like to find out how we can support your business in becoming more sustainable, contact us today, or if you’re not sure where to start, take our quick Tech Check questionnaire and we’ll review your workplace assets and technology infrastructure.