Cleaver Fulton Rankin

Cost savings of 25.65% against existing costs and the added benefit of improved hardware and enhanced workflow, process, security and sustainability.

The Summary

Cleaver Fulton Rankin is a law firm that operates out of Belfast as one of Northern Ireland’s leading commercial law firms.

With expertise in a variety of topics such as data protection, planning and environment and public procurement, Cleaver Fulton Rankin also offers a speciality in areas such as Brexit legal support and COVID-19 solutions.

As well as their legal professionals, the commercial law firm also includes marketing, HR, IT, accounting professionals and business support teams – each of which playing a key strategic role in the development of Cleaver Fulton Rankin’s services and growth of the business.

CFR also offers specialist knowledge of their network – with close associations to Dublin commercial law practice Matheson to provide an al island service for their clients undertaking business throughout Ireland.

The Solution

Their previous solution was made up of a fleet of devices (including managed and unmanaged) comprising of five MFD models and three different printers across the fleet to make a total of eight. These devices also required multiple drivers and consumables in addition to having mixed capability and user experience at device, as well as direct to device printing.

This meant the law firm faced a number of challenges controlling their print environment centrally with wastage estimated at 10-20% through un-collected print jobs.

This was a particular concern for CFR, who have a strong internal focus on innovation and sustainability – which also happens to align with their planning and environmental services across Northern Ireland.

As a company, Cleaver Fulton Rankin are committed to understanding, monitoring and managing their social, environmental and economic impact.

Internal management and replenishment of consumables for un-managed devices also took away value resource.

Multiple drivers and differing firmware and user experience caused unnecessary IT burdens with limited account management and innovation. This also meant there were no analytics or reporting put in place to understand trends or opportunities for transformation.

Our project scope was simple: we aimed to reduce costs and the number of devices and improve security. We also wanted to consolidate all devices into one single managed service, improve analytics and insights and remove and clean all existing devices.

Finally, we aimed to reduce environmental impact too.

We delivered all of the above and more.

Our solution resulted in a uniformed fleet of devices from a leading global manufacturer and rationalisation of 17 devices down to seven. We also sourced and installed print management software (offering full training to staff) to provide secure print using card swipe authentication – which also resulted in better security overall.

Additionally, we set up macros for template printing and a managed service that included automation.

The Benefits

  1. 1Deployment of new and improved fleet - We provided a standardised fleet of Ricoh devices to offer a streamlined experience across both the driver and device interface.
  2. 2Cost savings - Cost savings of 25.65% against existing costs and the added benefit of improved hardware and enhanced workflow, process, security and sustainability.
  3. 3Secure print facility across all locations - With the deployment of Papercut MF, users have the ability to print and collect from any MFD in the fleet, irrelevant of location - typically seeing a reduction in volume of between 10-20%.
  4. 4Sustainable Impact - A proposed reduction in co2 of 57% and kWh by 77.6% - aligning with the brand’s CSR policy and environmental focus.
  5. 5Automation of devices - Monitoring of devices allowing toner replenishment and live status reporting of devices - significantly improving uptime and the return to service time.
  6. 6Ongoing support - Right Digital Solutions offers a commitment to support and service in relation to all hardware and software throughout the contract term as the preferred supplier to LawNet.
  7. 7Innovation - Developing a future-proofed system where possible whilst keeping costs low, helping staff to become more efficient whilst supporting CFR with their environmental objectives
We were really impressed by the entire print project delivered by RDS from the initial scoping to the design and finally the implementation. We now have a secure and modern solution in place that helps us achieve key business goals and cost savings. The ongoing proactive support has been fantastic and we hope make use of additional functionality moving forward. Cleaver Fulton Rankin

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