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Are you benefiting from cloud-based solutions? Is your bandwidth sufficient?

Greater access, more capabilities, affordability, and flexibility are just a few of the benefits brought by cloud computing. Whether it be for data storage or accessing applications across a variety of devices, the cloud is being utilised by a multitude of organisations to see them through the digital age. But is your bandwidth sufficient?

Around 94% of enterprises are already using cloud services, with more and more switching to cloud-based platforms.

However, nothing is fool-proof and, if you’re not careful, bandwidth usage can become an issue.

What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth affects almost every industry. It’s the maximum amount of data that can be transferred to and from your cloud server over a given path or period. Calculated in megabits per second (Mbps), it’s often mistaken for internet speed, but actually refers to the volume of information that can be sent over your connection.

Why is bandwidth important?

Have you ever experienced a drop in internet connection due to other people using the same network for more demanding activities, such as streaming or gaming? This is due to insufficient bandwidth. Simply put, if your data needs to move faster, your need more bandwidth.

The cloud allows more people to access online services and software on your network, making you more susceptible to connection issues if you don’t have the bandwidth to support these activities.

But remember, cloud performance isn’t solely determined by your bandwidth – there are several contributing factors including network capabilities, high-powered servers, load balancing solutions, appropriate RAM, hard drives, storage and more.

What are the benefits of cloud computing?

  • Convenience:
    Switching to a cloud-based platform couldn’t be easier for your business! The cloud is a simple and convenient system that’s easy to set up and run across your organisation.
  • Data Security:
    Another key benefit is being able to maintain a secure environment with controlled access to printing and scanning. Any confidential data is also stored securely through the cloud-based system.
  • Increased Service Levels:
    Cloud-based solutions allow you to provide higher levels of uptime, increase satisfaction, and improve SLA’s.
  • Easily Adaptable:
    If you’re trying to implement a digital transformation strategy, the cloud is a great move for your business – it’s simple to migrate from an expensive, on-premise server infrastructure.
  • Scalable:
    As your business continues to grow, so will your databases and workloads. With cloud services, you have the ability to expand existing infrastructures, so that your applications have room to grow without negatively impacting performance.

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