Who we are

Right Digital Solutions specialises in delivering the right workplace technology that transforms document workflow and information management in digital workplaces; helping organisations be more agile, more efficient, and more profitable.


With over 30 years’ experience in the technology, document and information sector, we utilise our comprehensive business review and consultancy approach to understand and deliver solutions that are designed specifically for our clients’ organisations. Right Digital Solutions enables organisations to create a new digital workplace that meets the demands of today’s workforce by introducing innovations that enable information to flow as effectively as possible throughout their organisations.



What we do

Right Digital Solutions will work alongside you to develop bespoke solutions designed to give your organisation the tools to be productive and work with information and documents more efficiently. We do this by leveraging document solutions, workplace innovation, workflow solutions, cloud enablement and Information security. We deliver solutions that have a transformational impact on business activity as well as on improving your employee day-to-day workplace experience.

Our workplace technology solutions are designed to help your organisation achieve three key innovation objectives:

1. Create individual experiences

Boost individual productivity by providing an intuitive, effective and consistent experience (through devices, applications and workplace practices) that enable the workforce to do its job from anywhere, and at any time.

2. Connect the workforce

Enable and promote effective communication, information sharing and activity coordination – in virtual and physical environments – to improve the effectiveness of collaborative work, to facilitate communication and the crowdsourcing of knowledge, ideas and resources across multiple sites.

3. Enhance performance with data and workflows

Use workflows to deliver contextual data and information analytics to help with day-to-day decision making, intelligent guidance, process optimisation and worker-driven automation. This will boost operational agility, efficiency and continued business alignment.

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