Microsoft Teams Integration

Unified communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Office 365 now play a huge part in everyday work environments for many organisations. By integrating Microsoft Teams with your phone service you have the benefit of all your communication tools in one place – making your communications approach a lot more efficient as you don’t have to manage separate platforms.

Integrating a Microsoft Teams Phone System:

Through the integration of Microsoft Teams into your phone system it will allow your employees to benefit from a full cloud-based unified communications solution with enhanced call control features. In order to integrate Microsoft Teams into your telephone system you will need the following:

  • Microsoft 365 or Office 365 license including Teams
  • An internet connection
  • Microsoft Phone System add-on

The benefits of a Microsoft Teams phone system:

  1. 1Agile working - Once Microsoft Teams has been integrated it enables your organisation to work far more effectively - even when remote working.
  2. 2Simple set up - There’s no hardware device or software to install during the implementation - it can be set up in minutes. Ensuring your business is able to bring all users together under one collaboration platform as quickly as possible.
  3. 3Cloud-based solution - You are able to access this cloud-based solution anywhere, any time, without being subject to expensive running costs.
  4. 4Number porting - Through this digital solution, you are able to keep the same number no matter where you are.

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