Meeting the needs of the modern workforce

Working from home is something that has already become the norm, but what makes this change so sustainable?

  • With so many less people travelling to and from work, carbon emissions can be greatly reduced by introducing remote and hybrid working to your organisation.
  • No more “printing for the sake of it”! When working from home, many will find much less need to print, causing a huge reduction in paper usage and wastage.
  • Aside from the environmental benefits, remote working allows organisations to save money on a smaller premises, while employees can enjoy greater work-life balance.

How can RDS help?

Achieving a new flexible working model is not without its complications. To ensure a successful shift to remote or hybrid working, you’ll need the Right Digital Solutions to enhance productivity for your workforce, including IT, communications, and more.

Our Digital Workplace Solutions enable you to achieve
optimal results from your digital workplace.


Our e-signature solutions allow you to digitally sign documents from anywhere, on any device. This not only reduces paper usage but is also much more secure than paper documents.


Our telecoms services include many solutions for remote and hybrid working, such as Voice & Video Conferencing, Microsoft Teams Integration, and Flexible Working Software.

Desk & Workplace Management

Our workplace management solutions allow you to manage your workspace from one platform, enabling employees to book desks, find colleagues and be kept informed about the workplace.

Digital Mailroom

Mail accessible from anywhere – With a digital mailroom, your business can access digital documents from any location securely, with a full audit trail.

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