Managing a flexible, hot desking workspace

Hot desking goes hand-in-hand with the switch to hybrid working and, much like with most sustainable office changes, it allows you to implement smaller workspaces, which could otherwise be a drain on resources.

This smaller floor space can then be used more efficiently, reducing your overall carbon footprint and doing your part for the environment, due to less commuting to the office and lower energy usage thanks to less equipment, less plastic, and less people.

RDS Desk and Workplace Management Solutions

Hot desking seems simple, right? So, why do you need RDS?

Our Workplace Management Solutions enable workers to pre-book desks or meeting rooms and see who else is using the office.

The software allows for clear communication, employee protection, contact tracing, and social distancing to be upheld, all in one easy-to-manage system. From an employer’s perspective, this also allows for your office capacity to be easily managed and monitored.

Endless Advantages:

Reduced costs with less equipment, furniture, and space to fund

A less cluttered office due to less desks and fewer personal items left

A culture of trust and sociability through flexibility and responsibility

Increased collaboration through optimised communication

A more efficient workspace due to improved management and digitalised workflows

Higher energy efficiency through reducing assets, in line with a smaller space

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