Printing less, more sustainably

We’re becoming increasingly aware of the effect transportation has on our planet. But it’s not just about our commute to work…

Many businesses connect with clients far and wide, and often internationally. This makes face-to-face meetings difficult at the best of times, but the further we travel, the higher the environmental impact. But thanks to our changing mindsets and the shift to flexible working, in-person meetings are no longer essential.

How can RDS help?

At RDS, we have various technical and communication solutions that can enable you to collaborate with clients remotely, whilst increasing efficiency and supporting flexible working.

Digital Mailrooms

Our digital mailroom solution automatically converts, sorts, and distributes inbound mail.

The digital mailroom software is accessible from any location, whether you’re in the office or working remotely, with a secure audit trail.

This greatly reduces the need to visit clients, as invoices and important documents can be received digitally.

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The need for a wet signature is fast becoming a thing of the past.

You can now sign contracts and make agreements remotely using our e-signature and Power PDF solutions.

This reduces your use of paper, your travel and, as a result, your carbon footprint. Not to mention your costs…

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Voice and Video Conferencing

Allow your organisation to communicate and collaborate more effectively using our voice, video and web conferencing solutions.

We work with partners to provide a single, cloud-based communications platform that addresses the needs of remote working, reduces travel, reduces costs, and increases the efficiency of virtual meetings.

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Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams and Office 365 now play a huge part in everyday work communications.

With a simple set up, Teams can be integrated into your phone system, allowing full, cloud-based, unified communications.

With no need to manage separate platforms, this increases communications efficiency

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