A dedicated space for informal business catch-ups

Private meeting rooms aren’t always necessary for more informal business chats. 

So, providing a separate, smaller space for these interactions frees up the meeting rooms and allows for less of these larger spaces to be needed in the office.

What makes office breakout hubs sustainable?

With smaller spaces for informal meetings, you can reduce your required office space and size, as less large meeting rooms are necessary. As these spaces are pre-bookable, it also manages the amount of people in the office at one time, as well as reducing the need for travel by reducing the dependence on face-to-face meetings.

RDS Workplace Management Solutions

So, how can you manage these meeting spaces?

Through our Workplace Management Solution, employees and teams can pre-book meeting rooms and breakout hubs, ensuring an accessible timetable
and an organised office.

The software allows for clear communication, employee protection, contact tracing, and social distancing to be upheld, all in one easy-to-manage system. From an employer’s perspective, this also allows for your office capacity to be easily managed and monitored.

What are the advantages?

Reduced costs with less equipment and furniture

An organised, less cluttered office

A culture of trust and sociability

Increased collaboration and optimised communication

A more efficient workspace with improved management

Higher energy efficiency through smaller spaces

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