Business challenge

Workplaces are changing. Employers continue to embrace new digital tools with the ambition of increasing productivity, improving the quality of work and enhancing the user experience. 

The recent global crisis has led organisations re-evaluating how they view their employees work. The technological rate of change has been accelerated; we have had 3 years of change in the last few months. Now, more than ever, organisations need to intelligently align their technology investments to their business challenges to enable better end user service delivery. 


Key Business Challenges:

Enabling Digital transformation 

Organisations are seeing the benefit of offering employees flexible working opportunities in order to improve staff retention and meet changing expectations. Information sharing becomes seamless as technology allows colleagues to easily collaborate in real-time and securely share documents via a wide range of devices and digital tools – wherever they are. And easy access to digitised information helps your employees remain productive while mobile. Digital transformation can enable your workforce to be productive and connected at the office, at home and on the go.

How we can help:

Right Digital Solutions can help you to improve productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness by transitioning from a physical to digital document infrastructure; utilising workflows to automate processes. By helping your company to embrace the cloud, enhance your mobile capabilities, and by using technology to change culture, we can help you to improve collaboration, understand and control your print usage, and even to enhance the employee experience. 

Improving customer experience 

Today’s most successful companies deliver an exceptional customer experience at every touchpoint. Convenient, joined-up, tailored experiences. Where leading companies go, customer expectations follow. But there’s more to delivering a great customer experience than buying in the latest hardware and software – things need to be used properly to deliver results.

How we can help:

Right Digital Solutions can help you to deliver a seamless experience for your customers, by helping you to introduce the latest technology successfully; making information available where it’s needed for front-line staff, management, and customers;  you can impress your customers and enhance your brand. We focus on a partnership approach to maximise success of engagement.

Transitioning from physical to digital; delivering an exceptional customer experience; implementing tech innovation; using technology to deliver culture change.

Reducing environmental impact 

Sustainable practices are becoming more and more important to businesses – and their customers - and document handling has a direct influence on your business’s carbon footprint. Streamlining your processes and thereby reducing your resource use all helps your business contribute to a sustainable future. Transitioning from traditional, paper-based workflows to lean, digital operations can cut costs, help you operate more efficiently and tackle waste across your organisation.

How we can help:

Right Digital Solutions can help your business to move from physical to digital - thereby reducing your resource use. Transitioning from traditional, paper-based workflows to lean, digital operations can help you to cut costs, tackle waste, and operate more sustainably.

Developing Security & Compliance

The digital tools in today’s workplace are there to optimise your workflow, but they also create risk to the business. Robust cyber-security is crucial to protecting your data, systems, and intellectual property from online threats. You need a solution that protects your assets and reputation without compromising productivity, whether your team are working in the office or on the go.

How we can help:

Right Digital Solutions can help you to protect your data, systems, and intellectual property throughout your business – not just on your laptops and mobiles. We do this while staying alert to security threats and compliance risks that others forget - without hampering flexibility or productivity.

Driving Efficiency & Workflow

Businesses invest in workplace technology with the hope of getting greater productivity from their staff, but that expensive equipment often lies unused or underutilised, delivering little value to the business. Equipment is procured without a plan to integrate it into your working practices and without the service and support it needs in order to be used effectively, so all too often it sits gathering dust, or being used in the same way as a far cheaper and ‘dumber’ alternative.

How we can help:

Right Digital Solutions can help you to make sure that your investments in hardware and software actually drive improvements in staff productivity – by working with you to evolve your working practices, automate and streamline processes, and get the best from your technology - and by doing so become more competitive.

Delivering Cost Reduction

Cost reduction has always been a priority for businesses, which makes it hard to achieve further cost reductions now. Your business has probably already taken the easy steps and cut the obvious fat, so more of the same won’t deliver much further benefit. But where do you turn for new ideas when the old ideas have stopped delivering?

How we can help:

Right Digital Solutions can help you to take the next step in reducing workplace operating costs – going beyond the easy and obvious, we take a consultative analytical approach to help you continually uncover opportunities and cost savings while improving performance.

Our comprehensive range of IT solutions combine technology, expertise and services to ensure your IT projects are successful and meet your organisation’s specific challenges.

What we do differently

Integrated technologies allow a joined-up experience for your employees – with technology working seamlessly to make work and collaboration easier, instead of in silos with different systems and technologies failing to talk to each other.

  • For example; our visual solutions can seamlessly integrate with print infrastructure as well as document management and back office systems.
  • Documents and images scanned from a multifunctional device (MFD) can be imported directly and routed via workflow to the right person, department or technology.

You benefit from working with a single supplier, who knows your business and shapes the solutions to deliver your desired business outcome.

As an independent supplier we offer the very best products and technology available on the market.

By working with a range of leading partners, our focus is to bring you what’s right for your business, including office technology, cloud technologies, central print room equipment and automated workflows.

Our solutions are composed of the world’s leading workplace technology. Our vendor-agnostic approach means we only work with market-leading technology manufacturers, software vendors and application providers to deliver superior quality on every project.

As well as supplying the right technology to your organisation, we offer the change management to ensure it’s adopted properly by your staff.

The starting point of a digital transformation is a comprehensive workplace assessment that will review your current working environment, team structures, workflows, and working practices, as well as the supporting infrastructure.

This helps us to understand your workforce and your workplace needs – today and for the future.

If people use new technology in the old way, your business doesn’t realise the true benefits of that equipment. We are experts in user marketing, training, and process re-engineering.

We have analytics capability, so we know what’s happening, what’s working and what isn’t working. If equipment isn’t being used as envisaged, we know, and can look at what needs to be done – relying on our real-time statistical modelling of utilisation.

All of our technology, comes with the service and support needed to ensure that it’s installed and configured properly, and maintained into the future. So that you realise the full benefits of your investment.

We aren’t in the business of simply selling technology piecemeal and hoping you are successful; service and support are built into our business model.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional service record, demonstrated by our great client retention rate of 98%

We use our extensive geographical coverage and highly trained workforce to deliver great service, and rapid SLA response times; currently at 2 hours 37 minutes).

And an average return to service of 3 hours 43 minutes, keeping your operation smooth, and driving high levels of customer satisfaction.

We provide the best service and support in the business, to keep you running smoothly, and your customers happy.