Desk & Workspace Management Solution

Following the global lockdown, businesses won’t be able to operate in the same way they did. Returning to work will have to be carefully managed to meet government guidelines and keep employees safe.

  • Reduce Density: Enable social distancing to reduce any risk of infection
  • Manage Capacity: Limit the number of days employees can work at the office
  • Protect Employees: Schedule sanitization after usage of desks to protect from infection.
  • Contact Tracing: Record workspace usage to enable contact reporting. 

Our Workspace management and Hoteling solution enables users to:

  • Manage the closure of desks to ensure social distancing.
  • Allow employees to book desks where and when they need them, but only for a limited number of days each month.
  • Make sure your employees have a desk booked before they come to the office.
  • Automatically generate work orders for your cleaning contractors after a desk is used and not allowing its reuse until it’s been deep cleaned.
  • Provide instant contact tracing by recording who's been sitting where and in what proximity to other employees.This is all managed via a smart phone app for ease of use.


 Take a look at our Workplace Management Solution here: