Intelligent Digitisation Solutions

Intelligent digitisation workflow solutions enable automated, compliant and secure document capture workflows using your multifunction device (MFD).

Built for the office, it provides capabilities designed to help workers be more efficient and productive — while also providing enterprise-level controls for information security and governance. The solution gives you:

  • Information capture from a diverse range of sources — including paper, electronic forms, images and mobile devices
  • Efficient routing into your business systems and applications
  • Customisable and bespoke configuration to meet your business needs
  • A common user experience across multiple capture channels (desktop, email, MFP, mobile, etc.)

Captured information can be processed based on predefined business rules that determine how the information is saved, stored, processed and routed. Processed documents and resulting index data can be distributed to email messages, ERP systems, CRM systems, ECM systems, secured network folders and more. Data can be routed to multiple destinations simultaneously and selectively, and you can even create personal workflows based on network authentication

Key Benefits

  • Transform static documents into actionable digital information
  • Prevent unauthorised use with secured business information
  • Increase the productivity and efficiency of your workforce
  • Ensure that your operational processes remain compliant with secured business information