Secure Disposal (Certified Hard Drive Wiping)

Our secure disposal service removes, beyond recovery, any residual information contained on your end-of-contract devices.

The recommended service offered by Right Digital Solutions is the full data cleansing service which includes the mandatory use of certified HDD Data Erasure software. All data – both physical and digital – is eliminated, and along with it your security risks. Each step is documented to provide you with auditable proof that your data has been disposed of securely.

We offer a number of options around the secure wiping/destruction of devices/hard drives, including:

  •        Removal of HDD (then handed to you)
  •        3rd party ISO-approved data disposal service.

Before hard disk disposal, the devices we provide support End of Life extended disk overwrite and data destruction features.

In addition, we are compliant with BS EN 15713 for the secure destruction of confidential material. Regarding hosting, Microsoft provides media wiping which is compliant with NIST 800-88.