Seamless connection between mobile and desktopMobile, app & computer compatibility – universal office number on each deviceRDS Exclusive mobile phone contracts with offering the best network dealsAll office phones are encrypted for extra security with data protectionOffering a buy back scheme to make sure your company always has the latest techCapture documents with integration with key business applicationsOffice wide mobile connectivity providing the best mobile phone contracts and mobile safetyPhone Connectivity
Easily book time slots from anywhere Data insights can be used to determine popular parking spaces Use an app to check availability of parking spaces Book EV Spaces from an app quickly and efficiently. Book EV Spaces

Connected phones Bookable rooms from mobile app Sound proof booths Wireless connection Breakout spaces in the office where staff can have a more relaxed environment but still stay connected to all areas in the office Breakout Hubs

Easily book time slots from anywhereData insights can be used to determine popular meeting spacesSensors and analytics to understand and optimiseUse an app to check availability of meeting roomsBook meeting spaces from an appquickly and efficiently.Meeting Rooms
Print collection delegation Print from anywhere to any printer in the office Secure guest printing using pin to access print jobs Office HotDesk Workspace
Print collection delegationPrint from anywhere to any printer in the officeDesk bookingOptimise spaceUsage analyticsSecure guest printing using pin to access print jobsOffice HotDesk Workspace
Print distribution systems Digital Mail Room Print ticketing systems Auto OCR Software Index A central print room is used as the master station for printing for the whole office Print/Post Room

Health screeningGDPR DataOnce guest has signed in an email notification is sent to the person they are seeing that their guesthas arrivedGuest printingStaff can sign in at an unmanned reception deskVisitors can easily sign in and have badges printed offUse of iPads at reception desks so:Reception

Live monitoring of hardware &  softwareAutomated consumables replenishmentService performance against SLAFull analytical review of usageRemote MonitoringDeviceUser TeamOfficeApplicationEnvironmental impactCosts

Distribute printMobile connectivity remains the same as if staff are in the office through work mobilesBook desks/meeting roomsCommunicate with clients and team membersSend jobs to print room remotelyStaff can stay connected whilst working from home and streamline processes as if they were in the officeWorking Remotely

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