Infrastructure Security

Improve your organisation’s file sharing processes, data protection approach and print management reliability with our network infrastructure security solutions.

What is infrastructure security?

Infrastructure security is the process of ensuring preventative measures are put in place to deny unauthorised access and theft of resources or data. Security measures of this type can include application security, print management security, VPNs and firewalls.

What are the benefits of network infrastructure security?

  1. 1Secure remote working - As remote working has become the new normal for most organisations, maintaining a productive environment, wherever that may be, is crucial. With a secure infrastructure your employees can access documents and print securely from the cloud without risk of a cyber breach.
  2. 2Prevent innocent employee mistakes - Unfortunately, as more people are working remotely there’s a greater chance of being hit by a phishing scam. It’s a common mistake for employees to click a link in an email that they believe to be innocent when it’s actually a scam! The right network infrastructure security can provide your employees with the safeguards they need and protect them from any accidental errors.
  3. 3Improved productivity - With a secure network infrastructure, your employees would have the ability to share files across internal networks while remaining protected and safe. Equipping your employees with all the tools they need knowing everything is managed under a secure network infrastructure is important for any business implementing a flexible workplace environment.

Securing print infrastructure

When thinking about end-to-end print security, it’s important to know that the infrastructure which supports the whole print process is secure. Some important aspects to consider are:

  • User authentication
  • Secure connections from end-users
  • Print server security
  • Device security

Maintaining a secure print system

Having a secure print infrastructure is increasingly important but making sure that structure is maintained is key. By regularly carrying out security audits you will be made aware of any vulnerabilities that have crept in and be able to prevent any potential threats or issues. The team at Right Digital Solutions can advise on an ongoing maintenance approach that will work for your business to keep your business operations and employees safe.

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