Cryptography is closely associated with encryption: the act of scrambling ordinary text into ciphertext and then back again upon arrival. Cryptography is a form of secure communication which allows the sender and any intended recipients to view the message contents. It is crucial to encrypt any messages that are of a sensitive nature, ideally using a form of public-key encryption.

Print management security

  1. 1Encryption for print management - Ensuring your business is operating as securely as possible is key and this shouldn’t stop at your print management systems. One of the main security factors to consider is your print environment as it is prone to potential security attacks from outside of the workplace. With our print management encryption features we can ensure that all print jobs are encrypted when they are stored on the deck of the print provider and waiting to be printed.
  2. 2Print authentication - Through print authentication the printer will configure documents and hold a print job until after the user authenticates themselves at the device. Authentication in these areas can be done through the use of proximity cards, PINs and Domain credentials.
  3. 3Print release error prevention - Another part of print management security is ensuring that print jobs are prevented from being released after a device has been in error, or run out of paper, and is then brought back online.

Document Archiving

Our document archiving solutions help your business protect its data, revolutionise paper processes and enhance workflow operations while meeting all relevant compliance standards. Secure document archiving solutions will not only protect important data but also ensure business operations are running effectively. At Right Digital Solutions, we offer secure archiving solutions to many different types of organisations. To see how we can help your business, get in touch with our team today.

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