Application Security

Application security is the process of testing, developing, and adding security features to applications to prevent potential security risks and threats. Ensuring vital data and communication is protected at any time, from anywhere, is our top priority.

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Cloud Security

Around 94% of enterprises already use a cloud service and with increasingly more services switching to cloud-based platforms, the need for sturdy security becomes increasingly important. Our cloud-based information management system ensures that your documents and data are kept safe and protected no matter where they are accessed from.

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Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure security is the process of ensuring preventative measures are put in place to deny unauthorised access and theft of resources or data. Improve your organisation’s file sharing processes, data protection approach and print management reliability with our network infrastructure security solutions.

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Cryptography is closely associated with encryption: the act of scrambling ordinary text into ciphertext and then back again upon arrival. It is crucial to encrypt any messages that are of a sensitive nature, ideally using a form of public-key encryption.

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Vulnerability Management

The risk of software and network breaches are ever-growing and organisations are constantly at risk of being exploited by hackers. Continuous vulnerability management is a crucial part of cyber or network security. It is an ongoing process that includes: identifying, evaluating, treating and reporting software and network vulnerabilities.

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Incident Response

Organisations across a wide variety of sectors use technology on a daily basis, however, with technology integration, remote working and many other factors, there are new cyber security threats emerging. Incident response allows an organisation to be prepared against these potential attacks and can be relied upon to identify security threats immediately.

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Workplace Innovation

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