Legal Sector

It goes without saying that a critical success factor for any law firm remains its ability to hire and retain the best talent in order to deliver outstanding legal advice and services to the client. Along with this however, it is also self-evident that the workplace environment needs to effectively meet the requirements of all staff members and ultimately be geared to delivering an outstanding client experience, with an increasing focus on harnessing new technologies to serve your specific goals.

The “workplace” of course now means anywhere you can get a (secure) internet connection, and it is not just millennials who are demanding agile working. Most legal professionals are clear on the commercial benefits of technology which allows them to collaborate more effectively, whether this is face-to-face or within a virtual meeting space.

Right Digital Solutions has expertise in this field, particularly in the legal sector where we already partner with many of the Top 100 legal firms in the UK, providing a suite of connected technology solutions built around our vision of an agile, connected workspace.

At Right Digital Solutions we are here to help you; 

  • Deliver high quality managed print services that consistently receive high satisfaction levels from our legal clients
  • Help you reduce your print costs through effective hardware and software deployment; backed by culture behaviour and a continuous improvement culture
  • Improve print and information security / compliance  
  • Improve your Workflows by;
    • Simplifying the capture and digitisation of paper documents into your Case Management and EDM software with intelligent metadata.
    • Enabling information and documents to be instantly viewed by multiple staff and worked on simultaneously from any location.
    • Improving Output Management including document approval and e-signature workflows to speed up communication with the clients.
    • Jobticketing / Electronic job submission tools
  • Improve your collaboration capability through:
    • Effective meeting room technology including touch screen multi-user hubs, to facilitate more productive meetings and enhance communication and knowledge management
    • Room and desk booking technology to drive more efficient use of office space and create a simpler internal process for all employees.