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Could document automation offer law firms the fastest route to increased productivity, efficiency and profitability?

The majority of businesses run on paperwork. There seems to be processes, forms and templates for everything, and many employees spend a disproportionate amount of their time completing them. And if you look at the professions – and, arguably, law firms most of all – the issue is even more acute with a huge number of expensive fee earner hours being taken up by the drafting of highly detailed documents.

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How do you create an effective post-lockdown recovery plan?

At the moment it is probably difficult to think about recovery when every working day is so heavily focused on survival. However, we are going to get through the current situation so while tomorrow must be your primary focus, ensuring your business gets back to where you want it to be will also require you to start making concrete plans for your recovery. We would suggest that while you are of course preparing for the future, it will be what you do now that provides your recovery plans with the solid foundations they will need to succeed. As a starting point we would suggest you integrate the following three steps into your standard operating procedures:

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What impact has the past 12 months had on the workplace and what cultural changes are here to stay forever?

It was one year ago today that Matt Hancock, the Minister for the Department of Health, announced to the House of Commons that all social contact should cease with immediate effect and people who could should now work from home. So we felt it was a good time to look back at the impact coronavirus has had on the workplace, the cultural shift and what changes will remain after the global pandemic has official ended

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Advice for permanent agile working

At the turn of 2020 the thought of having entire teams working from home would probably have been unceremoniously dismissed but needs must and, thanks to a heady mix of necessity, flexibility and technology, the switch has largely been successful.

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6 tips for working remotely

At Right Digital Solutions we are fiercely proud of our independence. Remaining independent allows us to operate, develop and grow solely for our clients’ benefit rather than having to cut corners or cut back to meet the City’s demands at the end of each financial year.

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Digital Challenges 2021

James Odell   

2020 was a really difficult year for all of us. However, amongst all the challenges, technology has played a hugely positive role in defining the way all of our businesses have been able to operate.... Read More

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