Getting to know Steve Slipper

27 July 2021

What’s your name and where do you come from?

My name is Steve Slipper and I live in Braintree in Essex

What's Your Favourite Book, Album, Sports Team?

My favourite book is Rainbow 6 by Tom Clancy

Favourite sports team would have to be the Chicago Bulls. I am a big basketball fan. I have played since I was 11 and I still play now.

My favourite album would probably be something by James Morrison or Joss Stone


What's Your Favourite thing about your role?

My favourite thing is the diversity. I can be selling in the morning, providing customer support at lunchtime, and be delivering an installation in the afternoon. I suppose I am a one stop shop. No day is ever the same and that is what I enjoy the most about my role.  

Who would you six dinner party guests be?

(dead or alive)

Michael Jordan, he was my hero growing up. He is just a legend of Basketball.

Kobe Bryant, for the same reason, he is another legend of the sport.

My mum. She would keep everyone in line.

My Nan, my dads mum. She passed away when I was 12 and it would be great to have the opportunity to see her again.

I suppose I should say Alexander Graham Bell because he invented the first working telephone. He’s a hero of mine. 😉

Erm, and I think I would invite Kevin Heart to bring a bit of comedy to proceedings. Also my daughter would love it if I had dinner with Kevin Heart.

What would you eat?

I think we would eat Italian food. I would cook Lasagne I think.

What is the best advice (or motto) you have ever received?

Well done is greater than well said

I heard it recently from a basketball coach and it resonated with me because it is absolutely true.

What is your proudest career moment to date?

I think my proudest moment was when I was promoted to head up the telecoms division at Tech Central which was then acquired by my last company Alto Digital which the reason why I am now at RDS, because  previously worked with Time and James. So it would seem all roads in life lead to RDS.

Conversely what is your worst/ most embarrassing career moment to date?

At the company I used to work for before my previous role I had an altercation with the Managing Director during a sales meeting and I ended up resigning my position…that was a pretty bad moment.

Another one that springs to mind, and funnily enough took place at the same company, was driving a pink smart car which had WOW which stood for Wally of the Week. Basically if you hadn’t performed well that week your company car was taken away and you were made to drive this bright pink smart car from Monday until Monday. That was pretty embarrassing

If you had a time machine what year would revisit and why?

I think I would pick two:

1988 – it was the year that my Nan passed away and as I said it would be just great to be with her again. We were very close. It was also the year that the Chicago Bulls won their first championship with Michael Jordan.

I would also like to revisit 1945 after the end of World War one. I imagine the atmosphere would have been electric across the country.

What would be your luxury item if you were cast away on a desert island?

I think I would pick a basketball. I have played for 33 years and I have played for various teams and also at county level and I think I would miss it.            

What is the right digital solution for you?

My iPad. You can just do everything with an iPad. You can play games, watch tv, email, read the news and now you can even call people from your iPad. 

Who do you nominate for the Hot Seat next month?

I would like to nominate Ian Nicholls.