Dean Read Service Excellence Award Winner 2019

11 March 2021

Dean Read was a very valued member of the service team. Tragically in 2016, at the young age of 26  he sadly passed away. To mark his memory and his tremendous contribution, Right Digital Solutions launched the Dean Read Service Excellence award. The award is given to an individual that embodies Dean's work ethic, dedicated to their job and always goes above and beyond to ensure clients and their collegues are satisfied. 

We are delighted to announce that the recipient of the 2019 Dean Read award goes to Valdas Kavaliauskas

Valdas joined RDS on October 2018 after originally scouted by our Service Director Ian Seeley.

He started working in the PDI section alongside his mentor Peter Morbey completing his basic copy apprenticeship which included some mid-level colour device courses, electrical basics etc in under a year. A very impressive feat. 

Valdas was then assigned as the main set up tech for Go Ahead Groups's huge fleet of HP’s and building that knowledge into becoming the first person on anyone’s phone list when HP page-wide problems arises.!

He then moved into field service in the last quarter of 2019, but still had to support the PDI section occasionally due to his expertise. 

Getting into the field did not dissuade Valdas, who within his first 6 months had completed Ricoh IMC, Kyocera 2 series and even moved onto black and white sharp Pro Print  (Hercules).

As well as getting the Kyocera Practical & Electrical fault finding completed in Q1 2020.

He is not afraid to take on any issue or challenge. He always works tirelessly and possesses a can do attitude & enthusiasm that’s a joy to see and is a quality that Dean had also.