Post event summary: Future Focus 2016

18 July 2016

Last month Capita Document & information services (CDIS) welcomed guests to Capita’s Gresham Street office for an exclusive event. They were invited by innovation experts to future-gaze and discuss how trends will impact upon people’s working environments, how people communicate and the role of managed print services; before getting to try out some of the latest technology on the market.

Chris Mckibbin, Capita’s Future Solution & Innovation lead, kicked off the day’s keynote speeches with an exploration of the technology landscape. Capita’s technology partners Ricoh and Samsung followed up with sessions which looked at the impact of trends on IT within the workplace; workplace transformation and connecting the workplace through mobility, security and the cloud.

There was an interesting discussion panel in which the ways Generation Z use technology in the workplace it was debated. It was considered that Generation Z (those born in the mid 1990s onward who have grown up with the internet and social media) still value face-to-face communication but view the purpose of this time very differently to generations before them.

As Generation Z continue to enter the workforce, companies increasingly need to consider how they use technology to communicate and collaborate. Importantly, as the proportion of this generation increases and they rise to director level within industry, addressing how to integrate new work practices rather than asking them to conform will be of increasing significance. Those organisations that can successfully manage this will be at an advantage.

Delegates then enjoyed breakout sessions from Ricoh and Samsung who showcased a variety of their innovative technologies which included augmented reality, 3D printing, virtual reality, 360 degree cameras and next generation visual solutions.

Alpesh Unalkat, Managing Director at CDIS, Managed Print Services (MPS) says of the day: “We recognise that the ways in which people are using technology are rapidly evolving. We think it’s important to take time to help organisations identify how these trends and new technologies are likely to impact upon their IT and print environments.

At Capita we work with a number of different technology partners, to ensure that we can effectively respond to our clients’ differing needs both now and into the future.”