Channel info: Talking Heads - Delivering structured growth with Alan Moore

08 January 2019

Name: Alan Moore

Title: Chief Sales Officer

Organisation: Capita Workplace Technology


What has been the biggest challenge for the business over the past year?

Continuing to deliver high quality service to all our customers, whilst innovating and differentiating ourselves in a consolidating market has been our biggest challenge this year. As we repositioned the Capita Workplace Technology business for future growth, it was critical that we maintained focus on delivering the high service quality our customers are used to.

What has really surprised you?

Two things in particular stood out as being surprising in a very good way; the first was our teams’ clear passion for doing a great job for every customer, and the second was the vast breadth of capability there is across Capita to meet any and every customer need. 

What has given you the greatest pleasure?

I’ve had a real buzz from seeing our sales teams secure some of their biggest deals ever this year.  In addition to that, our customer-facing teams have embraced the sizeable changes we’re undertaking to make the business even stronger into the future. 

How are you planning to take your business to the next level of growth?

This year has been all about setting the foundations to enable us to achieve that next level of growth.  Our traditional print marketplace is changing, with most businesses seeking to digitise workstreams, reduce print volumes and add automation. In response we’ve reshaped our offering and we’ve rebranded to communicate how we can help clients create the type of digital workplace that meets the demands of a changing workforce by leveraging innovations in print, collaboration and workflow technology - enabling information to flow effectively throughout their organisation. I’m very proud that we’ve achieved this without losing sight of what we’re really good at which is service, customer satisfaction and transformation.

Our customers want to be able to work anywhere easily, collaboratively and securely.   Many companies have implemented ‘point solutions’, but without proper integration and culture change, the benefits are minimal.  By contrast, our focus is to use our core consulting and culture change capabilities to implement holistic and well-integrated services that allow traditional print to be managed effectively and transferred into digital information workflows.  Using workflow and automation, these can be securely directed to the right people, departments and systems – reducing cost and improving efficiency. In addition, where teams need to work together in real-time, we implement collaborative technologies (such as interactive screens, file sharing and document management) to create a far smoother, better, shared experience.

Do acquisitions and mergers form part of your future growth plans?

Capita is an entrepreneurial business. Capita has taken time this year to assess the strengths of past acquisitions and in view of this, we’ve aligned our capability internally to ensure we achieve maximum value for our customers.  Driving growth is core to our strategy over the next three years.  It’s essential that our forward growth plans fit with the newly aligned structures and deliver sensible returns to our stakeholders and customers.  

How has the business changed to adapt to the increasing digitalisation of the industry?

Our go-to-market strategy focuses on increasing digitisation, and we are embracing the changes with gusto!  We have strong digital capability within Capita already, with core skills in everything from Cloud to Networking, and Technology and Software Implementation to Business Process Transformation. 

In addition, we now also have capabilities that are very specific to the workplace (office, school, on-the-move).  For example, our specialist team the capabilities to transform the workplace and design buildings that remotely regulate and control factors such as light, temperature and C02, resulting in enormous productivity gains for some customers. 

Similarly, our Travel and Events Business provides support for customers’ off-site meetings and major events, but they add massive value by understanding why people travel.  As well as reducing travel, the team can create efficient internal meeting room and desk management solutions that enable effective internal collaboration and teaming scenarios - and all supported with digital solutions and information systems.

A key strength is our approach to engaging with customers to understand what’s critical for them, in order to prioritise and shape the best portfolio of services to deliver the maximum benefit. 

How important are environmental issues to the business going forward?

Our Responsible Business Strategy recognises our important role in creating healthy communities and healthy environments and we understand that by doing this, we will deliver long-term financial value.   We work hard to reduce our customers’ environmental footprint (as well as our own), and an environmental assessment has always been part of our approach to consultancy.  We keep abreast of our partners’ environmental innovations and we assist our customers in making sound product choices, as well as good decisions around other environmental costs such as travel, CO2, heating and light, office utilisation etc. 

What impact is Brexit having on the business?

The biggest impact will be the on-going uncertainty.  It looks likely that negotiations will be on-going for months and potentially years to come, and this will inevitably impact everyone’s investment decisions. 

We need to continually assess the Brexit situation and take stock as decisions firm up – remaining sufficiently agile to take account of any market changes before placing our bets.      

What is your primary business focus for the coming 12/24 months?

Looking ahead we will be concentrating on enhancing our new service capabilities – making them even more practical and user-friendly for our customers, both existing and new, in our target sectors.  Of course, we will also continue to focus on enhancing our core business, adopt new innovative solutions and continue to develop technology partnerships to ensure our service offerings help our customers to operate most effectively.

What are you proudest of achieving over the last 12 months?

Maintaining my energy levels!!  It’s been a long first 12 months and there’s lots we have done, but we are only just at the start of the journey.  The next twelve months are about consolidating new services, educating our customers and our teams so that we can make the most of the opportunity and create a far more positive experience for employees, students and companies from Workplace Technology. These are exciting times and it feels good to be right in the thick of it.


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