Reduce your office energy consumption with more efficient communication

One of the most effective ways to reduce your organisation’s energy consumption is with unified communications, seamless collaboration tools, and efficient agile working models.

Enhancing these processes allows you to continue effective communication and collaboration with clients and colleagues, from anywhere in the world. It’s now possible to run remote call centres, receive work calls at home on your DDI (DNS, DHCP, and IPAM), and transfer internal calls to any location. This all eliminates the need to print, have in-person meetings, and travel.

But what’s standing in the way? The correct tools… That’s where RDS come in.

Hosted VoIP Solutions

Did you know that the traditional ISDN line is soon to be switched off? We all need a cost-saving, future-proof replacement, such as VoIP phone system! This hosted system unifies your communications, whether in the office or working remotely, by seamlessly integrating your communication devices into one digital solution, relying solely on an internet connection.

This tool will enable you to run soft phones off your laptop, meaning only one device is being used for all communications, energy is being saved, and less plastic is being used.

Cloud Transitioning

With cloud-based solutions, you no longer need to waste energy with large, airconditioned server rooms.

Switching to cloud-based platforms reduces your office space, energy consumption, and downtime. It’s also much easier to manage compared to a messy, dated IT system.

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